I’m Behind on House Payments. Can I Sell to a Cash Buyer?

Keeping up with mortgage or loan payments can be super stressful, particularly if you have a lot of other unexpected expenses. Sometimes, your financial situation might not permit you to keep up with house payments, and you might find yourself in a tricky predicament. Luckily, some cash buyers will purchase houses that are behind on … Continued

Selling Your Home As-Is When a Loved One Dies

When a loved one dies, it can be stressful to take care of other responsibilities when you’re still in mourning. Then, when you have to take care of all their belongings, including their house, it can start to feel completely overwhelming. Here are a few reasons why you might want to sell the home as-is … Continued

Would a Cash Home Buying Company Buy My Home?

Are you looking to sell your home and trying to find out what options are available to you? Finding a traditional buyer for your home can take a lot of time and money. Instead, you could sell to a cash home buying company, which is a type of cash buyer. Here are a few details … Continued

Can I Rent My House Back After Selling it For Cash?

Have you ever been in a bind when it comes to the timeline of selling your house? Maybe you’ve just received a great offer on your house, but your new house isn’t ready to move into, or your new job in a different city doesn’t start for another month. In some circumstances, you can temporarily … Continued

Do I Make Repairs to My House When I Sell it For Cash?

Have you ever spent weeks upon weeks fixing up every little part of your house in order to get it to sell? House repairs can be expensive and time-consuming, especially when you’re trying to sell your house quickly. Luckily, there are some ways to sell your house without any repairs, inspections, or renovations. Here are … Continued

Do I Pay Commission When Selling My House for Cash?

Selling (or buying) a house can be unexpectedly expensive, even if you’ve carefully planned and budgeted. Have you ever carefully planned out your house sale expenses only to be surprised by thousands of dollars of fees and commission costs at closing? Commission costs generally come from working with a real estate agent and can cost … Continued

Why Are Cash Home Buyers Valuable?

Have you ever wondered why cash home buyers are so valuable and worthwhile? After all, it can seem like the traditional housing market is so widely used. However, there are some benefits that cash home buyers offer to homeowners that simply aren’t available when you sell your home traditionally. Here are a few of those … Continued

How Long Does it Take to Sell to a Cash Buyer?

Are you in a rush to sell your home? Life can throw you unexpected curveballs, including a new job, a new home that you can’t turn down, or even just the desire to travel. If you’ve realized that you need to sell your house ASAP, don’t risk losing your timeline to the traditional market. Sell … Continued

How Does it Work to Sell My House to a Cash Buyer?

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to sell your home? The inconsistency and demands of the traditional housing market can be stressful for homeowners to navigate, particularly if they have time and monetary constraints on their situation. Here are a few details that will explain how the process works to sell your … Continued

Can Selling My Home to a Cash Buyer Save Me Money?

It can be difficult to sell your home on a budget in today’s housing market. It often seems like every traditional buyer that makes you an offer wants you to throw in extra renovations if you haven’t already done them prior to listing. The reality is, that this can become very difficult if you’re trying … Continued

Is it Really Worth it to Sell My Home for Cash?

Selling your home can be a very stressful process. You might be on a very strict timeline that limits your options for buyers. You also might be trying to save as much money as possible as you’re preparing your home to sell so you can afford the monthly mortgage and down payment for your new … Continued

How Quickly Can I Close When I Sell to a Cash Home Buyer?

Have you just come to the realization that you need to sell your house faster than might be possible? If so, you’re in luck. The traditional housing market is indeed notorious for having inconsistent timelines and unforeseen delays. If you truly need to sell your home within a strict timeline, you should sell to a … Continued

Why Should I Sell My Home to a Cash Buyer?

Have you noticed that more and more homeowners are selling their homes to cash buyers instead of dealing with the traditional housing market? Have you ever wondered why? There are lots of benefits that come along with selling your home to a cash buyer. Here are just a few of those benefits that you should … Continued

Are Cash Home Buying Companies Trustworthy?

Have you seen one of your friends or neighbors sell their home to a cash home buying company and wondered how trustworthy the process is? Cash home buying companies are completely legitimate and seek to help homeowners by purchasing their home for cash. Here are a few reasons why you should trust cash home buying … Continued

Selling to a Cash Buyer: How Does it Work?

Have you ever wondered how it works to sell your home to a cash buyer? Many homebuyers have started abandoning the traditional housing market for this alternative way of selling their homes. There are lots of financial benefits that come along with selling your house to a cash buyer. Here are a few details that … Continued