What Closing Costs Can I Anticipate When Selling My House for Cash?

Are you having a hard time budgeting for your home sale? Usually, homeowners like to think about the money that they’ll gain by selling their house, but they don’t always remember the expenses that will come along with the closing processes. However, you can save some money when you sell your house for cash instead of selling it traditionally. Here are some details about the closing costs that you can anticipate when you sell your house for cash.

Traditional Closing Costs

First of all, you should understand the traditional closing costs that most homeowners deal with. You’ll have some housing costs such as mortgage payments, property insurance, and property taxes. You’ll also have property evaluation and inspection fees, in addition to a possible land certification fee. The title insurance for the property will also cost a few hundred dollars. If you’re working with a lawyer on your house sale, you’ll probably need to pay for a title search and deed as well as any transfer tax fees and registration fees. Additionally, if you’ve used a real estate agent to help you, you’ll likely have to fork out around 5-6% of your entire house price as a commission fee. This could be tens of thousands of dollars.

Closing with a Cash Buyer

Things work a bit differently when you sell your house to a cash buyer. Many cash buyers like to provide closing processes that are quick and easy, so you won’t always have to go through all of the traditional formalities and legal processes. Some cash buyers still work with real estate agents, so you may still have to pay commission fees. Make sure to talk with them to discuss their plans as far as commissions go.

Closing with a Cash Home Buying Business

Closing on a deal with a cash home buying business is definitely the easiest way to go. Cash home buying businesses purchase homes in any condition. This means that they won’t require you to inspect, repair, or renovate your house, saving you thousands of dollars. Cash home buying businesses also like to work by themselves and won’t require the assistance of a real estate agent. This means that you won’t have to pay any commission costs.

So, if you’re trying to figure out your budget for your future house sale, consider the different options available to you. Remember that your closing costs will vary depending on the type of buyer you have. A cash home buying business will save you the most money as they will purchase your house as-is without any commission costs.

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