I Have a Probate Home. What Happens Next?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had a home in probate on your hands? If so, you’ve come to the right place. It can be tricky to know how to proceed if you’re not familiar with the probate process. Here are a few details that will help you to know what happens when you have a home in probate.

Care for the Home

First of all, when the responsibility of a probate home falls to you, it is important to keep up with the care and maintenance of the home. It is important to keep the home clean and tidy during the probate process. This will also be a cathartic experience if you want to go through and organize the possessions of your loved one who has passed on. You also might want to continue to pay for at least some of the utilities. This will make the home more functional when you’re there, and will give it a lived-in appearance when you’re not there. If you’re not living nearby the probate home, try to hire someone who you trust to care for the home.

Go to Probate Court

While you’re going through the process of maintaining the house, you’ll also need to go to probate court for the property. When a house goes into probate, it isn’t legally passed down to an inheritor, and is temporarily owned by the probate court. If you want to regain legal ownership of the home and property, you’ll need to work with the lawyers that are there in probate court. They’ll walk you through the legal probate processes. Just be aware that this step could take months or even years to complete.

Sell to a Cash Buyer

If you’re trying to figure out what to do with the probate house and don’t want to go through the hassle of probate court, you can sell the house instead. But you can’t just sell it to any buyer. You can sell it to a cash buyer, since they’ll purchase the property as-is, even if it is still a probate house. This can help you to get the house off your hands while being financially benefitted from the deal. You can then use the cash payment to help any family members of your loved one who passed.

So, if you ever end up with a probate house that needs caring for, remember the suggestions made in this article. Make sure that you care for the home, go to probate court, and sell to a cash buyer if that is the best option for you. Selling to a cash buyer can help you to get the burden of the house off your shoulders while simultaneously benefitting from the deal.

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